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Re: [IP] Changing sets


Humalog doesn't last as long in a pump as Regular (Velosulin). (By the
way, the only difference between regular Regular and Velosulin is that the
latter is Regular with a little buffering agent added, supposedly to make
it more suitable for use in pumps, though most experts think it's entirely
unnecessary to use Velosulin in today's infusion sets and pumps.) Many of
us have found that using pure Humalog in a pump more than two days or so
will cause BG to start rising.

I've gotten around that problem by mixing Humalog with Regular in a 3:1
ratio. I use the short syringe method in my MM 506, and I fill the syringe
to the 1 mL mark with Humalog and then to about 1.3 mL with Regular (or
Velosulin). This doesn't appear to affect the onset or duration of action
of the Humalog but does extend its life in the pump syringe (for me at
least; of course, YMMV). I change my infusion set at the same time as I
fill a new pump syringe, about every three to four days. 

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