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Re: [IP] Changing sets

> ? Does velosun act like regular, do you have to bolus 30 minutes in
> >advance of a meal

Yes, Velosulin is like regular, only with the addition of buffers, so for
reasonable post prandial BG, you need to bolus at least 30 min ahead of

Buddy wrote:
>     I have always had a problem with my two hour BG after breakfast. It
> nearly always rises above 200. I can start with say a 100 BG and eat my
> (same) breakfast and in two hours it will be maybe 225. Now, I can INJECT
> the same amount of Humalog as I sit down to eat and maintain a "normal"

When I used Velosulin, I used a more aggressive ratio, say 1unit of insulin
to 10 gm of carb, at breakfast. After about 10 am, I used a different ratio
of 1:12 for the rest of the day. That took care of the insulin resistance
that is so common in the morning. The difference between the 2 ratios was
usually by 2 gm of carb.

With Humalog, I can use the same ratio, throughout the day.