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Re: [IP] Changing sets

? Does velosun act like regular, do you have to bolus 30 minutes in
>advance of a meal
>Carol Wasson
>email @ redacted

    I have to bouls as much as an hour before a meal with Velosulin for it
to have time to stay ahead of the BG rise. That is if my sugar is in the
normal range. If it is higher than say 150 I will experience a rise in my
bloodsugar. For it to work properly in me I have to have a good BG to start
    I have always had a problem with my two hour BG after breakfast. It
nearly always rises above 200. I can start with say a 100 BG and eat my
(same) breakfast and in two hours it will be maybe 225. Now, I can INJECT
the same amount of Humalog as I sit down to eat and maintain a "normal" BG.
If it were not for the fact that I have several bottles I would think
seriously about making the switch. On the other hand I like to be able to
get 5 days on a set and therefore I can cope with the breakfast rise. That
is just my feelings.

Buddy '-)