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Re: [IP] Changing sets


Many pumpers find their BGs higher on the third day of a set with Humalog,
and change every two days. I have noticed this pattern in my readings and
have stopped trying to extend a set to the third day.

I did experiment to determine where the "problem" was - whether it was with
the tubing, the cannula or the cartridge of Humalog in my pump. I used the
same tubing portion of my Comfort set for seven straight days, changing the
cannula every two days and used the same cartridge in my Disetronic pump
for this entire period. I had level BGs the entire time which led me to the
conclusion that in my case, it is necessary to change the cannula every two

Now when I get weird readings that don't seem to be related to incorrect
carb counting or some such "mistake", I suspect the site as the cause and
try to deal with that variable. For me, Humalog seems to absorb less
readily at the site over time. I need to be more much meticulous about
rotating sites than was necessary with Velosolin.

If your BGs level out better when you change your sets every two days, it
might be worth the extra work. Again, YMMV ;-)

Bob Burnett

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