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[IP] Endo-Pumper Specialists

In your e-mail of 97-12-1318:46 Brian writes:

>>I live in Pacifica, my Dr. is in San Francisco and I work in Berkeley.>>

     Sorry to say I know of no Endo-Pumper Specialists on the coast in your
home area.  The reason I said I felt you should have one near your home is
because when you need to go into the hospital (sometimes fast) it's nice to
have your endo there to help.  That thought has probably been outdated because
of the pump.  Now there is not really much concern about sudden trips to the
hospital by pumpers.  But pumpers still need hospitalization once in awhile
for the same reasons non-diabetic do.  The problem is most diabetics,
including myself, have to pick their endo and hospital from a list offered to
them by their health insurance -- not by a list of who is the best in the
field.  Because I don't want to turn this mailing list into a commercial I
will send you by direct e-mail a list of the Specialists by hospitals in your
near-area.  GLENN