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Re: [IP] Unsure - what to do...

Hang in there Sally.  It is a lot of work, but even at the imperfect 5 weeks I
am at, I still feel so much better!  I don't have good answers for what
happened to you, maybe others will have some suggestions....but I can give a
and say that I too have had some trouble getting this together.  At first I
was changing my sets every 6 hours or so because of highs!!!!  Anyway, it is
slowly getting better.  Which type of set are you using?  And why did you
start out wanting a pump?   List the reasons for yourself and hang in.  Give
it your full attention, and set a time for yourself, in a couple weeks or so,
to reevaluate, and then give yourself a break and don't even consider changing
therapy, just concentrate on getting the results you want.  That may be a way
to give yourself some room to work with it.