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Re: [IP] Unsure - what to do...

On 13 Dec 97 at 12:30, sally d tippin wrote:

> I have had the pump for 18 days now.  Two days ago my bg went to 600 and
> continually stayed high for a long time, (I know some of you are thinking
> that the confusion sight should be changed or whatever...I did all of
> that and it made no difference)then they have been so low (like in the
> 30's).  I now also have skin problems due to the tegaderm or polyskin. My
> CDE and Dr. are totally confused by this and don't know what I should do
> either and they are "top of the line". I am beginning to wonder if the
> pump is right for me. 

Give it a few more weeks to stabilize - there are some other 
equivalents to the tegaderm that you could try if you are having 
allergy problems.  
>  Maybe I should go back to what I did before.Things were much better when
> I was taking shots and not testing myself so much (8 or 9 times per day
> now). I did end up with bypass surgery presumably due to diabetes
> although no one can prove that.  I have no other complications. Forty
> years ago when I first became diabetic, I took two shots per day and
> tested my urine about once per week.  What I am doing now is ridiculous -
> like a full time career only I don't get paid or don't get anything back
> for it.  Am I the only one who is having these problems?  I don't mean to
> sound so self centered, but I think I really need some help.  Why won't
> this pump work for ME???

I think it takes your body a while to adjust to the more normal 
availability of insulin.  That, coupled with determining the correct 
basal rates makes the first couple of months stressful.  Sorry you're 
having a rough time - hang in there and keep working.

> Sally
Randall Winchester

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