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Re: [IP] Unsure - what to do...

  Don't give up so easily even if you are getting frustrated.  First off I
would suggest that a SHOT of insulin may be what you should do if you hit 600.
Yes probably change the site too.  But you should definately use a syringe to
get the insulin in when you are that high.  Also I have heard that there are
some times a Bad bottle of Humalog and that may be a problem if the shot would
not bring it down.  
          I've been on since May 97 & have not had the desire to extremely
Fine tune as well as it seems so many on this list have done. I don't want to
analyze each & every thing I do in terms of Blood sugars.  Diabetes is not my
career & I am doing well but still have ups & downs.  I hear people say that
they don't go low since being on the pump....I still do at times.  I adjust.
Maybe I don't have my boluses set right as I think my basel is most of the
time right.   I do still feel like I have better control in spite of these
things because if I am high or low I can adjust right then & there ( of course
if I wanted to take 6-7 shots each day I could probably do  almost the same
          My point being... Don't give up, & think if maybe you are going to
be better tuned by using the pump.  In 3 mos see the difference in your a1c.
Give it some time, some people give the impression they were set after 2 weeks
to a month with all their rates.  I don't think I can claim that yet even.
Later on weigh the pros & cons but not yet.    Then you will have more info to
base your choice on.  Then it will be your informed choice, not just temporary
            Most pump users ( me included) would not give up the pump for
anything short of a CURE.   
           Sorry to soap box but think about some of these things before you
quit something you may regret.  Maybe you are better not on the pump, but give
it some time before you decide.

                                    Kathi   (dx age 9,  Pump at age 38)