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Re: [IP] Unsure - what to do...


How horrible! :-{(

As to the skin troubles: I had the same problem using the Polyskin
dressing that comes with the Sof-Sets (is this the infusion set you're
using?). Please, please, PLEASE give Hypafix a try; it's millions of times
better! Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but several other pumpers
have told me they became MUCH happier with their sets once they switched
to using Hypafix. It's cheap (ca $12 a roll, which will last you a long
time), will cause no irritation on your skin, and stays put once you put
it down until you're ready to remove it.

The ultra-high BGs: hmmmmm. First, take a look at your infusion set. What
kind are you using? The Teflon cannula sets (Sof-Set, Tender, Comfort,
Silhoutte) are a bit trickier to use than bent needle sets. If you don't
put the Teflon cannula set in exactly right, you could be getting enough
insulin to keep the "no delivery" alarm (I use a MM; this may not apply to
a Disetronic; dunno) from sounding but not enough to keep your BG from
going ballistic. If you're using the Sof-Set, there's a gadget (I think
it's called a Sof-Serter) that will do the insertion job for you with
great accuracy and comfort. If you're interested in one, I have one that
someone sent me. Let me know if you'd like me to send it to
you. Personally, I prefer to insert the set myself, but after
a few years I have the technique down pretty pat. Besides, I don't use
Sof-Sets anymore. :-{)

The other alternative is to try a bent needle set and see if that causes
your high BG problem to go away. They are a good deal simpler to use than
Teflon cannula sets, and as with the Tenders/Comforts/Silhouettes you can
control the angle of penetration. If you got a MM you should have at least
a sample of both types of infusion sets. My endo does not like Teflon
cannula sets at all and urges all her pump patients to use bent needle
sets exclusively. I've complied partially; I now alternate bent needle and
Comfort sets. 

Good luck. Please don't give up just yet! 

email @ redacted