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Re: [IP] What happened here....any ideas?

Thank you.  I needed to read this because it sounds like something that
would happen only to me.  Sorry it happens to you, but glad I am not the
only one.
On Thu, 04 Dec 1997 21:27:56 -0800 Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
>Hey, I had this happen a few weeks ago too.  Same story --changed 
>tubing, etc..
>coulnd't figure out the cause, finally finally lower in the AM
>email @ redacted wrote:
>> Crystal,
>>     I hate to say this, but I have the same thing happen to me on 
>occasion &
>> have NO idea WHY it happens.  It have not noticed a pattern or 
>reason either,
>> which is frustrating. :-(   I just bolus, check later & bolus again 
>if it has
>> not changed enough.  I am careful about the second (sometimes third) 
>bolus &
>> try to keep an idea about the unused insulin rule but eventually I 
>do come
>> back down if I am watchful of the sugars.  I will be curious to see 
>if there
>> is a reason that anyone has found.  It happened just the other nite
>> actually--(Tuesday) nite I was 329 at 9pm. -bolused 3.1 which should 
>> brought me to 110, & in an hour I was at 296.  I bolused again  just 
>.7 & was
>> down to 60 in am.  (Probably too far down)& I should have checked in 
>> of the nite & maybe eaten.  But it worked -I just don't know when it 
>> in!!  Wednesday my sugars seemed to respond & be ok without a set 
>>       I have ruled out clamped lines, as the sugars do respond 
>> then things seem to work after that with the same tubing & set.   I 
>have also
>> rules out bad insulin for the same reasons.    As there are so many 
>topics in
>> this group going on I have trouble following all of them (but try 
>to),  I
>> will follow this one especially.
>>     I'd like to have a reason other than as you said  "wierd body"  
>I use
>> that line a lot with my diabetes. ;-)   I think sometimes it is the 
>> explanation.  As strange as it sounds I'm glad I'm not the only one 
>> "wierd body sindrome!!"  I love this group & have learned so much 
>from it.
>>  take care  to all        Kathi