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In a message dated 12/13/97 9:52:22 AM, Sara wrote:

<<I bump into things on my left side and have almost been mown down by
bicycle courriers.>>


Boy do I know what you mean by that one.  The lasers so damaged my peripheral
vision that I bump into or trip over everything.  For me it is my right side
and things on the ground.  Shortly after I had most of my surgeries, while
working in a hospital, I bumped into a LARGE waste basket.  It was
embarrassing because a bunch of people saw it happen.  Three hours later, I
did the same thing with the same waste basket.  Before I finished my shift, I
had done the same thing a third time.  That time, a patient got up and moved
the waste basket.  Talk about stupid or feeling that way.  Even in my own
house, I could swear that door ways move around on me.  My animals have had to
adjust to the idea that I really don't see them down there and yes I am going
to step on them.

<<<My eyes are completely

I understand that one too.  I have had cateract surgery in both eyes (with
lens implants) as well as both Vitrectomies.  One eye sees close and the other
distance.  In fact when I read, one eye just automatically closes.  A couple
of years ago, I experienced some nerve damage in my face.  It started with
severe pain and light sensitivity and progressed until the nerves between my
eyes split, leaving each eye to do it's own thing independently.  Boy, did I
look weird and basically I couldn't see anything.  I had to ware a patch in
order to see anything.  It didn't matter which eye.  It lasted about 10 weeks
and it was diabetic related, but no one could give me a name for it.

Oh the trials and tribulations of having Diabetes.

Good luck with your problems.  We are thinking about you.