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Re: [IP] Pizza and square waves

Mary Jean:

I'm confused by the math example for doing a "manual" square wave bolus...

I had always understood a square wave bolus to include the basal rate as
well and was told to compute it this way:

To do a square wave bolus of 5 units over a period of two hours, for
example. (Assume a basal rate during this time is .2 units per hour for
this example. Your actual will vary):

Compute the total amount of insulin you would need for the covered time
period. Include the basal rate and the bolus amount. Divide by the time
period you want the square wave bolus to cover. Set a temporary basal rate
for that amount of time equal to this total amount of insulin per hour.

Specific example:

Amount of square wave bolus desired, to be spread over the two hour time
period:  5 units
Total basal rate for the desired time period:  .2 units per hour x 2 hours
= .4 units total

Total insulin for covered time period: 5.4 units

Time period:  2 hours

Insulin required per hour:  2.7 units

Set a temporary basal rate of 2.7 units for two hours

I think this math works right. For me, by the time I do the math then check
the computations, I usually end up saying "screw it" - I don't eat a lot of
pizza anyway ;-)

Someone please check the math on this before trying it.

Bob Burnett

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