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Re: [IP] Choosing

Peter Jennings wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am in a unique situation and would like to get people's feedback
> before I make a decision.  I am currently being covered by two
> insurance policies.  In July I received a pump from Mini-Med and have
> been waiting for my old insurance company (whom I pay a $250 monthly
> premium) to approve the pump and to reimburse me.  I haven't started
> using it yet just in case they deny coverage.
> Last week, my new insurance gave me authorization to begin using pump
> therapy.  I am very excited to get going but here is where I am
> stuck.
> After reading people's postings r/t Mini-Med vs Disetronics, I've been
> feeling like maybe the Disetronics would be a better choice due to the
> waterproof and 3 min infusions.  I've been thinking about picking up a
> Disetronics with my new policy and then when my Mini-Med gets approved
> by my old carrier, I'll have the opportunity to use both and then
> decide which one I prefer.
> I'm hesitating a bit though because I'm not sure how to approach this
> subject with my MD.  I don't want to seem greedy and I realize that I
> won't use more than just one pump.  However, since I didn't have the
> opportunity to choose b/w the brands, I feel like I should have the
> right to do so.  (My MD only presented me with the Mini-med option)
> I also feel that if I stick with the mini-med and forget about pushing
> for reimbursement from my old insurance, I would have to purchase a
> Disetronics if I were to decide to switch.
> Any suggestions on how to discuss this with my MD? I look forward to
> hearing what you guys think.
> Pete
Hi Pete - did you know you can ask to test a mini med before you decide?
The sales Rep for the company will give you a loaner to try out- I
decided on the mini med because of the square bolus and other features
they do have a sports case you can use that will protect it from
moisture and damage
you could ask your doctor if you could test drive so to speak both units
perhaps you could go to the disatronic web site and ask for yourself
then you could run saline or insulin in each for say a week and then
decide withour having to -buy or worry about the insurance until you
decide which brand you like the best...Good Luck to you  Chris