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Marti et al:

My doctors use figures in the 100s when they tell me how many zaps I get per
sitting - maybe I have a high tolerance for pain...  I have had tons-o-laser
in both.  My one vitrectomy was done as a last resort; meaning I guess the
blood wasn't clearing on its own.  It hasn't bled since, HOWEVER, looking back
(no pun intended), I probably wouldn't have had the vitrectomy just yet.  I
might have waited a little longer to see if hte blood could still clear on its
own.  The surgery has left me with such a limited range of vision, it is
cloudy around the edges and has lots of blind spots - though, since I have a
new lens after cataract surgery - it does see things at a distance quite well.
I bump into things on my left side and have almost been mown down by kamikazee
bicycle courriers.  

So here I am...Left eye can't see close up without a bifocal and what it does
see is cloudy, and the right eye, when not filled with gobs of blood is near
sighted and can't see distances without my glasses.  My eyes are completely
opposite - making all things difficult and aggravating...now here is the
kicker - you know what my hobby is?  I do counted cross stitch embroidery!
bwah ha ha ha ha...like I said high tolerance for pain.