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Re: [IP] Pizza and square waves

In a message dated 97-12-12 12:34:00 EST, you write:

>  I have a 506 so I guess I
>  would use a temporary basal.  With pizza I can sometimes go low while I
>  am eating it, so does the 507 have a delay for the square wave to start
>  or an alarm to remind you to start the square wave?


The 507 does not have a delay, although this might be helpful at times.  I
suspect you are going low because all that insulin goes to work before the
majority of the pizza.  The square wave really works, here.  The insulin
action is spread out and I don't think the partial amount you get right away
would cause you to go low like a regular bolus.  I usually spread the bolus
out over 30 minutes.  To mimic this with your 506 you would calculate the
amount of your bolus, then divide by the amount of time you want to spread it
over.  For example, if you wanted to spread a 5 unit bolus over a half-hour,
you would divide 5 by .5 which equals 10.0.  Set a temporary basal rate for 10
units per hour for a duration of 1/2 hour.  You will probably need to change
the maximum basal rate setting on your pump first.  I know the 507 comes with
a max. basal setting of 2.0 units per hour but it can be changed in the setup
screen. I suspect the 506 is similar, Good luck!

Mary Jean