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Re: [IP] Can anyone tell me whats going on


I don't know why Humalog tends to go bad more quickly than Regular, but
that seems to be the experience of many of us using it in our pumps. On
the World list several of us came to the same conclusion. In the US, the
FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the agency that approves drugs for use
in the US, has not officially approved Humalog for use in pumps, although
MDs are free to prescribe it to anyone they think can make use of it. I've
heard that Lilly is currently testing Humalog in pumps, and perhaps they
will issue some kind of announcement about its lack of staying power in
pumps when the study is concluded.

My suggestion is this: either don't wear your infusion set and fill your
pump syringe for longer than two days' use, or if you are not willing to
do that, try adding a little Regular to your Humalog. I've found that
doing so extends its "life" in the pump syringe and doesn't appreciably
affect the onset and duration of action of the Humalog so long as you keep
the proportion roughly 3:1 or greater H:V. 

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