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Re: [IP] Can anyone tell me whats going on


The high BG could be due to a number of things. Are you using Humalog in
your pump? Some of us (me included) have found that straight-no-chaser
Humalog in the pump tends to go bad after a short period of time. The
maximum amount of time I can have H in my pump unmixed without its going
off is about three days. Since I usually use an infusion set for about
four days, the solution I've found is to mix a little Velosulin with the H
(I use a 3 parts H to 1 part V mixture).

The other problem could be with the infusion set. Teflon cannula sets have
been more troublesome for me than bent needle ones. Sof-Sets in particular
can go in wrong and deliver enough insulin to keep my MM 506 from sounding
a "no delivery" alarm yet not enough to keep me out of the 200+ BG range.
:-{( This has also happened with Tender/Comfort sets. Unfortunately, when
I don't put a Teflon cannula set in right, I've got to start over with a
new one. The bent needle sets have that advantage; if you don't like where
the set is for whatever reason, you can yank it out and start over.

Good luck. I hope the trouble clears up soon.

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