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Re: [IP] Can anyone tell me whats going on

> Its been more than 3 weeks since I started the pump and I've got a few
>questions about some things that have been bothering me, I hope someone out
>there can help me or at least tell me if this is normal.
>Sometimes I will have episodes of high bg values, like I'm not getting my
>full dose. I had one starting after lunch yesterday, bg stayed in the 200's
>all afternoon and into this morning. I bolused and it just wouldn't go
>how is this possible if I'm following the sliding scale, then it should
>bring it down, right???
>I count my carbs carefully, I know that is not the reason, I'm not sick,
>, why, why am I high?
    Carol, first of all you have to be patient it won't all come together
all of a sudden. You have to give yourself time to see exactly what is
happening and why. You have started taking a totally different type of
insulin and a totally different proceedure. (?) I'll bet you already feel so
much better ???? Right. I too still have some episodes of 200 BG's but they
don't affect me like they did before the pump. Stress, worry, or exercise
can be your culprit. I have founf that once you get your BG elevated and
start to try to figure what is going on this sometimes compounds the
problem. Don't let it worry you. I am still using Velosulin but I do inject
some Humalog at times to bring a high BG down and most of the time without
changing a set and it will correct the problem. I have not figured out what
some of the problems were but don't let it bother me too much. I don'r
totally forget it but don't worry as there are too many variables.
>Do you people bolus when you are high, especially at bedtime?
    I do, at times, bolus at bedtime because it feels soooooo good to get up
in the AM with a normal BG. I like most of us would rather be a little high
rather than low. I can get up abd be at 150 and feel GREAT usuing Velosulin.
Back in the dark ages before the pump this was a different story. You have a
lot of leeway here so trial and error will show you what you feel best at.
>Hope you can help me.  Today I'm going to call my doctor and the MM company
>about this last episode I had, I just want to be confident that I'm doing
>what I'm supposed to be doing and that my pump is doing what its supposed
>be doing. Right now I'm frustrated.
    DON'T GET FRUSTRATED.  This don't help. As with any other new skill you
have to give yourself time to learn the "tricks of the trade".

Buddy '-)