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Re: [IP] Can anyone tell me whats going on

I know exactly what you meen. This has also happened to me (with Humalog in
the pump). After few days I have to change injection set. Then my
bloodsuger went down again. I'm sure that there was no blockade in the
tupe, but still this happens. When I used regular insulin this didn't
happen to me.

What kind of insulin do you use in the pump?
Have you tried replacing your injection set?

Erik Wold
email @ redacted  

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> From: Wasson <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Can anyone tell me whats going on
> Date: 12. desember 1997 11:54
> 12/12/97        
>  Its been more than 3 weeks since I started the pump and I've got a few
> questions about some things that have been bothering me, I hope someone
> there can help me or at least tell me if this is normal.
> Sometimes I will have episodes of high bg values, like I'm not getting my
> full dose. I had one starting after lunch yesterday, bg stayed in the
> all afternoon and into this morning. I bolused and it just wouldn't go
> how is this possible if I'm following the sliding scale, then it should
> bring it down, right???
> I count my carbs carefully, I know that is not the reason, I'm not sick,
> , why, why am I high?
> Do you people bolus when you are high, especially at bedtime? 
> Hope you can help me.  Today I'm going to call my doctor and the MM
> about this last episode I had, I just want to be confident that I'm doing
> what I'm supposed to be doing and that my pump is doing what its supposed
> be doing. Right now I'm frustrated.
> Carol
> Carol Wasson
> email @ redacted