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[IP] Can anyone tell me whats going on

 Its been more than 3 weeks since I started the pump and I've got a few
questions about some things that have been bothering me, I hope someone out
there can help me or at least tell me if this is normal.
Sometimes I will have episodes of high bg values, like I'm not getting my
full dose. I had one starting after lunch yesterday, bg stayed in the 200's
all afternoon and into this morning. I bolused and it just wouldn't go down,
how is this possible if I'm following the sliding scale, then it should
bring it down, right???
I count my carbs carefully, I know that is not the reason, I'm not sick, why
, why, why am I high?

Do you people bolus when you are high, especially at bedtime? 

Hope you can help me.  Today I'm going to call my doctor and the MM company
about this last episode I had, I just want to be confident that I'm doing
what I'm supposed to be doing and that my pump is doing what its supposed to
be doing. Right now I'm frustrated.

Carol Wasson
email @ redacted