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[IP] Up and Running!!

Hello to all new members and to you seasoned ones! I am up and running
offically I started pumping on Monday at 2 pm and and - for the first
time for 24 hours I kept my sugars between 70 and 110! wow - I feel so
very very good- I tried to explain the difference and the best I can
come up with is when a person has poor vision and doesn't know how bad
it is because they only see what they are able to until they get that
first pair of glasses and suddenly everything is so sharp and clear they
are amazed having not realized they hadn't seen things clearly for so
long - that's as close as I can come to saying how much better I feel.
Of course I am tired to the bone cause I have to get up in the middle of
the night to test for a week but I can handle that my insurance company
paid for the pump partially and I called my homeowners to put a rider on
my insurance to cover it - they didn't know what it was so they are
going to have to call the company headquarters to see how to do it. They
said I am the first person who ever asked to have one covered!
For those of you who e-d me Thanks so very much for those of you who are
thinking about it all I can say is WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MADE! go for
the gusto and discover the difference for yourself. MERRY CHRISTMAS - as
far as I'm concerned this was the best present ever!