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Date:          Thu, 11 Dec 1997 07:17:24 -0800
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 "Randall Winchester" wrote
I have a couple of ideas to share with the group:

1.  Carrying case for supplies, meters etc.

Land's End makes a diaper bag that they sell for about $20 - I think 
they call it a "short tripper" or something like that.  It is about 
10 by 8 by 2 and has a "changing pad" that stores in a pocket on one 
side.  Inside there is a waterproof bag that clips on to a ring and 
several mesh pockets.    I've borrowed one from one of my sons to try 
and it works great for carrying a couple of infusion/syringe sets, my 
insulin & emergency syringes, glucagon kit, main meter and spare 
meter, sof-serter, spare batteries,  and some "emergency snacks" - 
all in a nice little package that looks like a small briefcase.  The 
changing pad can be used as a "clean area" when setting up to load 
and prime the infusion set.  It seems to work out well - all the 
stuff for a "normal" day or two, and there might be room in the bag 
for a sandwich for lunch too...

2.  Pre-kit infusion sets for changes.

I got some one-pint Ziploc storage bags and in each one put a 
syringe, infusion set (both still in the sealed packages), a 
Tegaderm, an alchohol prep and an IV prep.  I put them back in the 
box as "kits" that I can just grab and throw in my carrying case 
instead of having to sort through everything and carry them loose.   
It also lets me keep a better count of the inventory on hand by 
grouping it in the way it's used.    

I change my infusion sets in the afternoon at the office and these 
two ideas have made it a lot easier to have everything ready to 
use when I need it.

Hope someone can make some use of these - use, enjoy, and rember, 
your milage may vary.

Merry Christmas!

Randall Winchester

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