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Re: Re: Re: [IP] Re: laser surgery

In a message dated 12/10/97 7:39:36 PM, Sissy wrote:

<<About pain with laser.
The first time I had laser, there was absolutely no pain at all.

The second tome, which was 7 yrs. later, I had a lot of pain.>>

Hi All,

Ever since I shot my mouth off by saying that you can't have laser surgery
without anesthetic, I have been perplexed that some of you responded that you

Now I am wondering how many laser "zaps" you were getting at a sitting?  Since
my Retinopathy was very advanced (huge globs of blood and almost no usable
vision), I was getting 60-70 zaps at a sitting.  Does this play a factor in
why I HAD to have anesthetic??  Were some of you only getting a couple of zaps
at a time?

I had four of these treatments which held me in check for about six weeks.  He
tried a couple more times and then we went on to Vitrectomies.