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Re: [IP] Glass Syringes

.  I'm really disappointed that the glass syringes aren't
>available  for MM pumps.  I've discussed this with MM and during the
conversation was told
>that it is perfectly safe to go ahead and use a syringe that is leaking
>between the "O"rings  just as long as it is not leaking on beyond both "O"
>rings, this is unacceptable to me but guess that is just my opinion.
>    Talk with you later,
    I've been diabetic for 39 years and started out using glass syringes.
Pain in the "gulla". I realize that that would not be a three time a day
chore like back in the "dark ages" but I would not care for the extra
trouble of sterilization. Besides that MiniMed would lose loads of money and
if you have read some of my gripes that is what this is all about. That is
what makes the world go round. $$$$$$ If there was no money to be made there
would be no MiniMed. "For the most part" (Randall) I'll bet there is not one
person in 10 , maybe one in a hundred, working for either one of those
companies that give a hoot about your goodwill or how you feel. They go to
work, punch the time clock, and go home. You cut their money off and they
won't show up. Sorry bad attitude this evening this evening and have my
finger on the pulse of reality. Low BG. Just my opinion. . . . . . .

Buddy '-I