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Re: [IP] Snickers: not just a meal, but an adventure

I have not a clue about square wave boluses but it seems like it may be
useful with a snickers since you experience a high 3 hours later. 
Wouldn't it work well with pizza and chips from a mexican restaurant? 
Does any body have the how to's  or a formula to use when attempting to
go into mortal combat with a high fat meal?  I have a 506 so I guess I
would use a temporary basal.  With pizza I can sometimes go low while I
am eating it, so does the 507 have a delay for the square wave to start
or an alarm to remind you to start the square wave?  Just tossing around
I'm glad I was able to find this group.  It is comforting to know that I
am not the only one with weird body syndrome kinda things.  And it is
always neat to have someone else talk about a problem you are having and
offer up the answer.  Thanks for the support. ~Michelle