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Re: [IP] Glass Syringes

A big thanks to all of you that replied to my "syringe problem message".  Bob,
it sure helps to know that someone else has worked their way thru the same
problem and I appreciate your suggestions, I've worked with alot of chemistry
analyzers and I know that proper care of syringes that deliver reagents is
ultra important.  I'm really disappointed that the glass syringes aren't
available  for MM pumps, I don't think you would ever find a "plastic syringe"
being used on a chem analyzer, because glass gives such a smoother delivery,
not to mention the stability of reagents is much greater in glass than
plastic.  I've discussed this with MM and during the conversation was told
that it is perfectly safe to go ahead and use a syringe that is leaking
between the "O"rings  just as long as it is not leaking on beyond both "O"
rings, this is unacceptable to me but guess that is just my opinion.

Anyway for now, knowing the "sticking plunger " syndrome exists, each time I
disconnect and before I re-connect I prime the pump for 1 to 2 units of
insulin and watch the needle to see if I'm getting a good delivery.

Thanks for your help, this is a super group of people and I'm learning more
each day from all of you!    Talk with you later, Billie