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[IP] Snickers: not just a meal, but an adventure

In a message dated 97-12-05 22:28:36 EST, Michelle asked about the fats and
protein in a SNICKERS BAR

In the giant Snickers bar I ate at 2:30: Protein 9g, Fat 25g  CHO: about 60g>
I would take 3.6 units of R (60cho divided by 17 - being the number I use at
this time of day).  I was normal when I ate it, so 2 hours I will still be
close to normal - which for me is 100 - 150, and I was.  BUT I know I will be
going up for a while from about hour 3 - hour 6.  So I just check and bolus-
remembering the sliding scale.  Everytime is a little different, cuz sometimes
the snickers doesn't satisfy and I eat again within a couple of hours.  Or
when I do alot of exercise, the later sugars are drastically lowered.  So now
it is 7:00 and I am LOW - 65.  So maybe I over covered... or maybe my basals
need adjusting.  My life has been in turmoil lately

You write you are not sure you want to learn how to deal with sugar...Well,
unfortunately, just about everything you eat has sugar in it - or gets into
some form of sugar eventually - there is no difference really on whether you
eat "natural" sugar - ie honey, or processed refined good old american white
sugar - sugar = sugar.  Carbohydrate equals carbohydrate - UNLESS you are
sticking to that glycemic index thing which I don't but someone else may be
able to tell you about that better.  If I eat 15g of carbs in the form of
vanilla wafers, I will take the same amount of insulin I'd take if I ate 15g
of carbs in the form of rice or beans, or fruit.  
It may take a little longer for that 1 unit of insulin to bring me back to
normal after the cookies or rice, than the fruit, but I don't panic and bolus.
Variety is the spice of life, and unfortunately, most of the spice has some
form of glucose in it!

As for the moods - "they" do say sugar does thiings to your moods (ever wonder
where hyper active kids come from?? Check their diet in many cases), and
DEFINITELY the time of the month, but don't cut off your nose in spite of your
face - you are on the pump for FREEDOM - so exercise it - use it or lose it - 

As to the harder you try to stick to your diet, the louder it calls - you have
to give in to your cravings every so often, otherwise they Consume you and you
focus on the craving..must have chocolate, must have chocolate...and
eventually what could have been satisfied by a couple of Herseys kisses turns
into a supersize snickers...YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON IF YOU SUCCUMB TO A
CRAVING - you are what is commonly referred to as a "human."

Diabetes can be used as a form of anorexia - we CAN eat all we want and still
lose weight!!!!  of course we end up in the hospital in DKA, and all our lost
weight comes back through the IV, but yeah - if we eat something fattening and
don't cover for it...we won't gain weight - we'll just screw ourselves up.  I
did it when I was 20 - lost 17 pounds in 2 weeks  - looked great, except I
ended up in the hospital and cost my parents some $$$ I didn't pass out or
anything - but felt really yukky - I had no idea what was going on - now I
recognize that high feeling - and even if I didn't teest as often as I do, I
can FEEL my body change when it goes high.

OK - there ya go - I am gonna go fix this low.