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Re: [IP] Glass Syringes

In a message dated 97-12-09 15:08:25 EST, you write:

> I'm having alot of problems with the plastic syringes, such insulin flowing
>  between the "O" rings when filling the syringe and the plunger becoming 
> stuck,
>  not allowing the pump to deliver insulin resulting in a "no delivery
>  Would really like to try a glass syringe, however Mini-Med doesn't offer 
> these
>  and couldn't tell me where there is a source.  Does anyone have any
>  suggestions as to how I can pursue this?

Sounds like you may have a bad batch of syringes!  Have you had this problem
all along or just recently?  I haven't had any similar problems with my
MiniMed syringes at all.  Maybe you could get them to send you some
replacements.  Just a suggestion.

Mary Jean