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[IP] Re: Complications

Thanks Marti~
Yes I have heard that the yellow laser hurts less, but this comes from
the aforementioned Dr. and Kaiser does not have the yellow , of course.  
I reasearched a little with free medline, but since I am kinda new to
retinopathy, alot of it went over my head.   With the communication
problems I have been experiencing with Kaiser and the Dr.  I am not
really even sure he has all my med. records and what my full diagonosis
is.   The tech that did my angio said I had wool spots, micuranurisms,
extra blood vessles around the optic nerve.  He "diagnosed" this after
looking at a huge computer screen.  The Dr. says I only have microanurism
after looking at a one inch square picture.   The tech had been doing
this for something like 15 years.  Had an awesome bedside manner.  Wish I
knew his name but he wasn't wearing an name badge.  After all the
complaining I do, I just wanted to compliment someone.  My  Educator is
awesome also.  She helped me get a pump when my insurance policy wouldn't
cover it...Covers everyone else in Kaiser ...but not me...