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Re: [IP] Re: Only way to go . . . . .

On  9 Dec 97 at 10:43, buddybarber wrote:

> Randall,
>     Here, here. I second everything you said in this post for the most part
> but what about our brothers and sisters who have no insurance ??????
> Buddy '-I

That's a difficult part - the pump is expensive.  I'm already making 
an annoyance of myself with the politicians around here.  Until we 
fix the broken health care system we will continue to have problems.  
The suppliers also need to be dealt with too - I bought some more IV 
prep pads from a local pharmacy for 8.00 a box off the shelf - this 
is the same exact thing that the mail order company wants 25.90 for, 
and my insurance company paid 19.00 for.  Somebody somewhere is 
making a lot of money and in the process making things like the pump 
unafordable for many who need them.  My pharmacist said he was 
making a decent return at 8.00 a box since the wholesale cost was 
around  6.00 per box.  Seems like he was willing to settle for 2.00 
margin per box while the mail order people want 19.90 margin per box.

I guess part of the solution is to be come educated consumers, annoy 
the politicians and stand up to the insurance companies and 
suppliers.  Shop around, and let the suppliers know why you are not 
ordering from them.

Randall Winchester

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