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Re: [IP] Tenders/Comforts/Silhouettes infusion sets


I haven't had the problem you describe as your daughter's, but I just took
a good look at the Comfort infusion set perched on my tummy. It seems to
me that you could secure it better by taking a thin strip of Hypafix and
putting it on both sides. You'd have to be careful on the side where the
tubing "docks" into the infusion set, so as not to occlude any part of
that, but it certainly could be done.

Hypafix is what I have used with my bent needle infusion sets. It's made
by Smith & Nephew, is cheap (a roll costs ca $12 US and will last a *long*
time), and very adhesive. Once it's down it stays on until you
determinedly pull it off. 

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