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Re: [IP] unsubscribe

To all sunscribers:
     In an effort to cut down on the volume of e-mails arriving daily, please
consider your "audience" when responding to a Pumper's "post".  If your "chat"
could be handled by responding directly to the person who previously posted at
their personal e-mail, then do not click on reply. Although I personally DO
have the time to "sift" through all the e-mails, others do not, and I am
concerned that we will be "shooting ourselves in the foot" by forcing some
very knowledgeable, informed, enthusiastic "pumpers" to unsubscribe, thereby
depriving all of us of the benefit of their input!!

       Renee (speaking for Melissa and those former "subscribers" to whom I
forward posts pertinent to parents of pumpers!!!- )