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Re: [IP] Re: Both of You

In a message dated 97-12-09 02:08:55 EST, you write:

> Does anyone use the 22in (or is it 24 in.) set? Does it happen to be Quick
>  Release too.? I hate having all this tubing hanging around. I would like to
>  try the shorter version, but I wnat the QR too.

It comes either way, just like the longer one.  I definitely like the shorter
tubing--it doesn't tickle your leg like the longer one and you don't have to
worry about it hanging down below your shorts in the summer.  The only
potential problem is that you are on a shorter leash -- can come into play
when changing clothes or going to the bathroom.  One other bonus, It requires
less insulin to prime the tubing.  Go for it!

Mary Jean