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Re: [IP] cost of laser

You betcha - private EXPENSIVE policy - it goes where I go...which means it
has some mileage.

When I left my job in FL, I was offered the option to take the Cleveland
Clinic policy I had with my boss over - not as a COBRA, but as the
employer...don't ask me - they offered, it was decent insurance, I took it.
In Texas, it was sorta like a PPO, cuz they don't have Cleveland Clinic (why
they have Cleveland Clinic in FL I don't know...ain't Cleveland in Ohio?)

So, I pay the astronomical premium.  So far, I have managed to get my new
employers to pay for all or most of the premium - In TX they paid 75%, here
they pay all.  The policy can't be switched to a NY policy, for some reason,
and since I am still officially a TX resident, AND I have reached my max out
of pocket, the company is supposed to pay 100% of reasonable and customary

When I was in Europe, I called and asked what was up and they said they would
cover any emergency treatments - broken leg or whatever, but not for things
that could wait - like if I went to have some wierd operation or decided to
have my nose fixed...but that seemed pretty normal.  I did get sick, but and I
was able to tell the guy in the pharmacie what was wrong en  francais and he
gave me something that made me feel  better - yah hoo!  (MORAL OF THE STORY:
Learn the language)

Most of my diabetes care comes via the kidney medicine study I am on - every 3
months - the whole blood and body fluid thing.  Next week I am having a GFR -
which is a big involved procedure where they test the filtration rate or
something of your kidneys.  They literally put a spigot in your arm and drain
you of mass quanitites of blood and urine all day (they don't use the spigot
for the urine - that they get out of you the old fashioned way).  Real fun
day, but I guess an important test that I normally wouldn't have.