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Re: [IP] Tenders/Comforts/Silhouettes infusion sets

Hi all:
     group question: on the subject of these particular infusion sets: my very
thin teen-aged daughter definitely prefers the Tenders/Comfort sets to the
sof-sets BUT her major complaint is that there's such a scant edge of tape
around the perimeter of the part you "re-hook " into (they need to give these
parts real names!! LOL) that it tends to come loose very quickly.

    The other day she tried wiping "skin prep" on first, but that didn't seem
to work...She doubts putting down a tegaderm first & then "inserting" through
that would remedy the problem (although that's the way she always did the sof-
sets) and she calims that it's impossible to put another "taping" product over
top of the infusion set because it would obscure the plastic portion you need
to re-click into??????

     Any & all suggestions eagerly appreciated...also if anyone has used a
"Silhouette" yet, is it designed identically with a mere smidgen of adhesive
backing on that outer edge?...Anyone else encounter this problem????

     Thanks, Renee (inquiring for Melissa)