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Re: Re: [IP] Re: Both of You

On  9 Dec 97 at 0:30, email @ redacted wrote:

> The "tail thing" on the Quick release set of the MM is no bother at all. It's
> about 4 in. log, that's all. No bother.
> Does anyone use the 22in (or is it 24 in.) set? Does it happen to be Quick
> Release too.? I hate having all this tubing hanging around. I would like to
> try the shorter version, but I wnat the QR too.
> Sissy

I use the 24 in sets and they seem to be fine - I managed to get 
mixed up the second week I was on the pump and ended up with the 42 
in set from the pump box - so I spent three days with this huge coil 
of tubing sticking up from behind my belt.  The QR is the same on 
both sets.

Randall Winchester

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