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Re: [IP] Re: Complications

In a message dated 12/7/97 11:37:52 PM, Michelle wrote:

<<I don't
know if he meant that he had never given it for surgery before of if he
had NEVER given it before.  REALLY SCARY!! >>

Hi Michelle,

Gosh, that does seem scary.  I'm the one who wrote and said find another
doctor.  I was basing that on my experience with one retinologist and the pain
I had.  Apparently some people do go through it without anesthetic.  I can't
imagine that, so I believe there must be different types of laser treatments.
In my situation, I went from no apparent problems to very prolific retinopathy
very quickly.  Perhaps for that reason, my treatments were more extensive.  

As to your issue,  I wish I had the answer.  I don't know if left untreated
what the result might be.  It may not hurt anything, other that your ability
to see, or it could cause the problem to reach a point where treatment doesn't
work.  Does anyone know???  If you can't get an answer, I'll call my
Retinologist and ask.  Either way, you will need a doctor who can give an
anesthetic.  I would be afraid to be a first for any doctor.  Those shots
require some skill.  You do hold your breath during the procedure, as others
have said.  YOU don't need the fear of knowing he has never done it before.

If you can come to Toledo OH, I know an excellent doctor, otherwise, I'm
afraid I'm no help.

Good luck!