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In a message dated 97-12-05 13:45:51 EST, you write:

<< Bill, this is interesting, would you mind posting it to the list?
 I will take a look at the ISP that you suggested..As they say, ignorance is
 bliss so I guess I'm gulty as charged. Thanks for the info on isp and
 for access.
 I wanted to let you know that I was a participant in the DCCT as an
 experimental "subject" for seven  years shortly following my diagnosis. I
 MDI as my insulin delivery and was never outwardly encouraged to move toward
 the pump until the last few years and even then it was just presented as an
 option. Remember, the comfort of pump therapy in the eyes of the Physicians,
 was scattered and  they really moved cautiosly toward the pump. There was
 one pump company involved in supplying pump technology, Minimed. 
 I maintained good A1C's and as a result had minimal therapy changes
 throughout. I was viewed as an exellent example of control in my group due to
 the results I was presenting and consistant A1C. I credit my success to my
 running and also, the long periods of hypoglycemia that I existed in. I was
 never unconscious or hospitalized due to hypo but then again, I am married to
 a RN, and I have a high tolorance to low BG probably due to my conditioning.
 The amount of exhausting, meticulous, unscientific effort involved in my
 acheiving good results makes me really appreciate the ability of todays
 technology and the ease at which I can control my BG. I haven't experienced
 one significant low BG in the year and a half that I have been on the pump.
 A1C has gone from 7.5 to 5.9 in 5 months on the pump, and that is lower than
 its ever been since my diagnosis 14 years ago. And I achieve this with half
 the effort. I'm quite sure that if they were to initiate the DCCT over again
 today not only would they use pump therapy much, much more for tight control
 but the results would be significantly better. I would like to see a long
 trial on pump therapy versus MDI. It would prove conclusively, with some
 exceptions, that with education, and tecnology(pump), tight control is safer
 and more effective. 
 FYI, I 'm one of the many original participants in the extension of the DCCT
 study called the EDIC-Epidemiology of Diabetes Intervention and
 The DCCT settled the treatment question for early diabetic retinopathy,
 nephropothy and neuropathy, the EDIC will study the effect of intensive
 treatment on macrovascular disease. As you know, people with diabetes are at
 much greater risk to develop atherosclerosis at an earlier age than people
 without diabetes. By combining the results of the DCCT with the new results
 collected in the EDIC, they will have an unpresidented collection of diabetes
 data.(16-18 years worth!).FYI
Bill King