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Re: [IP] unsubscribe


I love this list.  I do not want to go.  But, a few days of xmas shopping and
my mail box is too full.  If I go to the digest form can I still put in my two
cents whenever I want????

I still want to be active but, I have a hard time sorting through all of this
stuff.  If I get it in a digest form, I can print it all at once and read at
my leisure????

Please let me know.



P.S.  I am sorry to see Ted go.  I hope he comes back soon.  As for some of
you "Pumpers Ink" members, we don't get to share as much personal stuff like
we used to.  That means you, Glenn!  Are you still there????  Rodney - Glad
you are still with us too.  I thought maybe you left us.