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[IP] Re: Silent Alarms

Thanks for your response, Mark. I am forwarding  it along to the
"email @ redacted" mailing list for any interested parties.

If only mechanical improvements came as quickly as electronic ones...

Meanwhile if MiniMed keeps a list of "who wants what as soon as possible",
please put me on the list for the vibration mode! (In fact I would accept what
is currently possible despite the extra size, shortened battery life (though
wouldn't the battery life only be shortened if the vibration alarm went off?),
and the inability to switch from silent to audible mode during unanswered alarms
(since I would ONLY use vibration mode at concerts and during bicycle rides -
ie., when very alert!) ).

I'll phone you tomorrow to make the final arrangements for the pump purchase.

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Mark Mailloux (My MiniMed District Sales Manager) wrote:

> As per your request. I spoke with a design engineer this morning and posed
> the question regarding the vibration feature for alarms. The response was as
> follows:
>  As discussed, the idea has been tabled before, however, the ability to
> incorporate that particular feature has not been feasible. one reason, in
> order to power that feature you would need the quivelant of a AA or AAA
> batery. That now would require a change in size, the pump would become
> larger. That feature would also reduce the life of the pump, time unknown.
> The good news is they are planning to add that feature, the bad news is not
> before 3 years. The explanation given to me about the safety was they wanted
> the pump to have the ability to switch from vibration mode (while alarming)
> to audio alarm. This is what I was trying to explain this morning. However,
> the reason it has not been incorporated as yet is in order to have the
> vibration mode, the pump would have to be modified in such a way that too
> many of the other user options would be deleted and that if that was done,
> the current pump batery life would be about a week. I hope I was able to
> satisfy your question. It appears that the power needed to run this feature
> while not comprimising the current safety features and size has not been
> solved, however it is being looked at. Sincerely, Mark