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[IP] can we get on track!

Can we forget about this Barabra thing - we are all human - some of us agreem
some of us don't - thank god we are american or live in the 20th century or
whatever it is that gives us the freedom to speak our minds.  I personally
appreciate her trying to understand.  I will talk openinly and honeslty with
my CDE who is also a pump wearing diabetic, MUCH more so than with my Harvard
or whereever educated physician - just cuz he has the credentials doesn't mean
he gets it!  

But whatever.  Leave Barbara alone - leave Buddy alone and lets talk about how
we are gonna make insurance companies protect us, how we are gonna get Humalog
covered by our prescription companies, how you keep from pulling out a sofset
during a marathon, how to find supplies in far off [places - things that help
us all

love ya  buh bye