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[IP] Tenders/Comforts/Silhouettes infusion sets

To all,

I learned something rather unpleasant several weeks ago. I had assumed
that the Comfort/Tender infusion sets were identical, because they're
based on the same design: they're not. Their receptors or whatever you
want to call the part where you plug in the end of the tubing to where the
infusion set sits on your skin are NOT compatible! Superficially they're
the same, but you cannot plug a Comfort tubing into a Tender infusion set.
:-{( I dunno if the Silhoutte, which uses the same design as the
Tenders/Comforts but will be marketed by MiniMed, will be incompatible
with the other sets or not. I assume if it fits with one it won't fit with
the other.

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