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[IP] cost of laser

Dear Michelle:

My retina specialist in Dallas charges $1,250 for laser, and $350 for a follow
up visit with in a ocuple of weeks.  Fortunatley my insurance covers 80% of it
up.  THen I reached my maximum out of pocket expenses for the year by getting
a  new pump, so it is covered 100%.  It is expensive, but it should be covered
by your insurance - MAKE SURE it doesn't get turned in as "vision care" cuz
some insurances don't cover things like exams for glasses and stuff.  I have
had a couple of times where my bills were denied by insurance, then when I
called the doctor I told them to make sure and put RETINOPATHY or whatever the
code is, to insure payment.

good luck

typed with one blurrry black laced eye...dammit to hell...after spending
$1,250 of my insurance's hardly earned money less than 2 weeks ago