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Re: [IP] Re: Both of You

hey - you gotta try the disetronic tenders - you can use them with the Minimed
- - I do.  You can un hook for a shower or whatever you find yourself doing when
you don't want to get tangled up.  It was sooooooo nice taking that first
untattached shower after having to use those stupid baggies or a washcloth or
whatever tokeep the stupid thing dry - and yeah - shaving your legs with a 42"
tubing hooked to the shower head ain't no easy feat!  - But say goodbye to
that aggravation (at least one, eh?) with the tender.  I think MM has a
detachable one too, but from what I have heard, it has a little "tail" thing
that still trails along - with the tender, it is just a flat plastic button
attached to your belly - no extra tape or anything

WAY COOL for those of us who like to frolic in the shower...don't tell daddy,