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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

On  8 Dec 97 at 10:51, buddybarber wrote:

>     Now, if you don't agree with what I said that's fine but I was not
> looking for your pity or anybody else's. I'm doing fine . . . . . . . . . .
> Buddy ;-)

I think one common denominator for all of us who are using a pump is 
we are "fighters" - as evidenced by the fact that we are trying to 
use this tchnology to improve our lives.  Unfortunately we come 
across as harsh sometimes because we have been trained, conditioned 
and hammered by those around us.  Many times their "good intentions" 
have hurt rather than helped, so we learned quickly to take care of 
ourselves because no one else will.  We deal with this constantly and 
it does affect your viewpoint.  I used to keep a vial of saline, and 
a pack of ten syringes handy so when somebody would say something 
along the lines that taking 5 shots a day wasn't too bad I could just 
offer to let them try it for two days... nobody ever accepted, they 
just stopped telling me it was easy and simple.  

Facing this 24 hours a day is different than a weekend simulation - 
you can plan around the simulation and just not do some things.  
Simulations aren't bad as long as you realize their limitations.  
Someone simulating MDI for two days may know what it's like to take 8 
shots but they don't have the gut reaction that goes along with 
knowing that if you don't get it right you've got real problems, and 
they always have the knowledge that they can stop pretending if it 
gets inconvenient or too rough.  

So I'm ambivalent about someone simulating by wearing a pump or 
taking shots for a day.  I generally categorize that as a limited 
simulation - sort of like playing Flight Simulator and then thinking 
I understand what a commercial pilot goes through on an international 
flight.  To get a true picture you need to extend the simulation 
where it impacts a couple of weeks - and where you encounter some of 
the trouble spots such as unanticipated schedule changes, car trouble 
or something else that throws the plan out the window.

Randall Winchester

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