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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

i've been lurking for a while since signing on...but here goes:

in regards to the nurse who used a pump so she could empathize more with her
patients..GOOD FOR YOU!!

when i was in school for physical therapy assistant we had a disabilities
course whre we had to have a disability for a day. the premise behind that was
so that you would empathize more with your patients. i chose to have a stroke
for a day and although i was able to recover quickly, it was a real eye-
opener. i think that anyone who decides to go into healthcare and needs to
work with a certain population should have to do this.

no, she can't possibly know how hard it is to deal with the daily grind that
is diabetes, but if it makes her a little more sympathetic then i say YOU GO

Mary DeMello
(mom of Christopher, age 7 soon to be pumping!)