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Re: Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

In a message dated 12/8/97 12:47:31 AM, Rose wrote:

<<Learn all you
can Barbra in every way you can.  You will be a valuable asset to your

Hi Barbra,

Welcome to Pumpers Ink.  I think Rose said it best.  The more you know about
individuals, the better.

I also can understand Buddy's views.  For some of us who were diagnosed back
in the stone age, our views of the "medical" professionals is quite biased.
When I was diagnosed in 1965 at the age of 13, many things were different.  My
"education" consisted of being shown pictures of pre-insulin days with old
people having their legs rotting off.  "This is what happens if you don't
follow your diet and take yours shots."  End of education!  While the
dietician did explain the exchange system, it was not flexible to the needs of
a young teenager.  NO ONE ever acknowledged that blood sugars could be
influenced by things other than food.  Also, the only home test, and often
used in the hospitals too, was the urine tests.  No one said they were useless
as s__t.  I had a nurse refuse to treat me for an insulin reaction because I
was spilling sugar at the time.  There was a lot more judgement going on then
too.  Good blood sugar=good person, bad blood sugar=bad person.  When I grew
up and went to work in a hospital, I also got to hear all the crass remarks
made by staff members behind the scenes.  It was viewed very much as some
people still look at alcoholism, a behavior problem.

I still struggle with trusting medical people.  It was 30 years before I saw a
dietician again and I met my first CDE a few months ago after I had been on
the pump for a while.  Like Buddy, I find it amazing that people seem to have
so many problems learning things.  One of the lessons deeply ingrained is that
when you are on your own, you learn to do what you have to and not to depend
on others.  I am not supporting this plan.  I think support is wonderful and
education great.  But us old school people are out here and you will certainly
run into us.  I hope you can bear with us while we struggle with old tapes.
You may need that thicker skin.  We know it is not you personally.

I applaud your attitude!

email @ redacted