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Re: [IP] Re: Complications

Michelle - absolutely positively do not have any therapy if you are not 100
percent confident in that doctor.  Be very careful.  You will need to do a lot
of phone calls and politicking over the next few days.  Call everyone involved
with your policy, explain that you 1) tried the procedure 2) couldn't be done
because of the need of anesthetic 3) the doc has no experience with such and
4) that you would feel more comfortable with someone who has experience.  Call
your state insurance board.  Call customer service, and utilization review,
and the board that handles your doctor's specialty.  You need your eyes,
darlin.  It's worth the hastle of being nice to a few hundred beaurocrats.  To
buy yourself time, change your appointment by a few days.  You have a
"conflict".  And you sure do.  There IS a way to get through the hassle, it is
just not simple.  Keep at it.  Remember, Kaiser is ultimately interested in
the best outcome possible for you, they might need a little help understanding
just what the correct path is.  Educate them.  The last thing they want is to
be sued and pay you a million dollars for a botched anesthetic shot.  Trust me
on that one.  Hang in there, girl.  Oh, and contact NYgator and Team Diabetes
2.  They have folks who might know about good docs in CA, and how to work with
Kaiser specifically. : )
His e-mail is "email @ redacted" you can usually catch him online, if you have
AOL, and he replies to email rapidly.  He can refer you further : )

Good luck !!! and let me know how it goes