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Re: [IP] Silent Alarms on pumps?


If what you're worried about while bicycling is your pump having a
malfunction and your not being able to hear an alarm, I can only tell you
that pump malfunctions such as failure to deliver insulin are very, very,
very rare, and overdelivery of insulin hasn't happened at all in the
second generation of pumps (at least insofar as I've been able to find
documented in the medical literature listed in Medline). In my pump, which
is a MiniMed 506, the only alarms I've provoked have been, in decreasing
order of prevalence, because I've put the pump into suspend mode due to
hypoglycemia, because the insulin syringe has run out of insulin, or
because there has been no delivery, the latter *always* due to a problem
with the infusion set. This last problem could possibly be avoided by
timing the installation of your infusion set well before you hit the road
on one of your bike jaunts. In any event, even infusion set-caused no
delivery problems are not frequent for me.

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