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Re: [IP] Silent Alarms on pumps?

Randall Winchester wrote:

> The vibration mode in the pagers is caused by a small weight which is
> vibrated by a set of electomagnets.  The addition of the module with
> the weight, the control circuitry and a switch for it would add some
> more to the size and weight of the pump.  In addition the battery
> drain is huge for the vibration mode - my pager (set for vibrate
> only) eats at least one high-capacity alkaline battery per month and
> I don't get that many pages.   The vibration mode also stresses the
> electronics and I bet it would also do wonders for the bubbles in the
> insulin resevoir.
> But all those are just technical challenges to be solved by an
> engineering group somewhere.  If there is an argument to be made for
> it and if it would help as a marketing differentiator then someone
> will build it.

Thanks, Randall,  for your information and analysis of what the difficulties might be
in having a vibration mode on a pump (You didn't dismantle your beeper at some time,
did you???).

Personally, I cetainly would consider  inconveniences such as shortened battery life
and a heavier pump to be inconsequential next to the safety issue of not being able
to hear an audible alarm during the more than 15,000 km I currently cycle per year.
In fact, it would even be worth it for me in terms of alleviating the stress of
worrying about it going off at unacceptable times (concerts, orchestra reheasrsals,
etc.). In terms of stressing the electronics (and shortening battery life) - this
will only happen if the thing actually does alarm when in vibration mode  - and,
personally,  I'd have no problem with running the pump in audible alarm mode when it
was safe and "better than boorish" to do so! (That's what I do with my pager).
Concerning bubbles and vibration mode - I don't know - carbonated insulin? Ok as long
as it doesn't cause hiccups (which are also not socially acceptable in music

Are there other people in this list who really would want silent alarms? - Are there
people who work or spend time in either noisy environments where "audible alarms"
would not be audible, or in environments where no extra sound is acceptable?


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